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SCIMS in 2013

School of Computing, Information and Mathematical Sciences (SCIMS) had a busy and successful 2013. The school participated in a number of activities that include community outreach, research and innovation. The school appointed Head of School and two Deputy Head of Schools with several senior academics. Here are some highlights from the school.

In April, Dr. Avinesh Prasad graduated with his PhD in Applied Mathematics. In August, Dr. Carl Mooney joined as Senior Lecturer in CS/IS. Dr. Kauta joined as Senior Lecturer in Mathematics and Dr. Sione Paea joined as Lecture in Mathematics. Mr. Anurag Sharma returned from University of Canberra after submitting his PhD thesis for examination in September. Mr. Shamal Chandra and Mr. Ronal Singh left the School in June for further education overseas.

The schools research output was presented and published in leading internationals journals and conferences. Dr. Avinesh Prasad got a paper accepted at Robotica journal that he co-authored with A/Prof. Jito Vanualailai and A/Prof. Bibhya Sharma. In August, Dr. Rohitash Chandra presented a paper at the IEEE International Joint Conference on Neural Networks in Dallas, Texas. His research focused on the prediction of chaotic time series using Recurrent Neural Networks. His research on Evolutionary Recurrent Neural Networks got accepted to be published by Soft Computing Journal published by Springer. Mr. Vinay Mehta presented a paper that he co-authored with Prof. Ansgar Fehnkar at the 10th International Conference on Quantitative Evaluation of Systems at Buenos Aires, Argentina. His presentation was on “Topology-based Mobility Models for Wireless Networks”. Dr. MGM Khan got a number of papers accepted in journals and conferences. These include journals such as Communications in Statistics, Journal of Applied Statistical Science and Journal of Statistical Theory and Applications. Mr. Dinesh Rao published his research in Communications in Statistics – Simulation and Computation journal with Dr. MGM Khan. Dr. Munir Naveed got a paper accepted to be presented in December at the 3rd International Workshop on Pervasive and Context-Aware Middleware, in Dublin Ireland. The paper is titled “Online Learning Based Contextual Model for Mobility Prediction” that will be published by Springer, Communications in Computer and Information Science.

SCIMS booth was active during USP open day with software demo and presentations in programming, mathematics quiz and demo of Linux operating system. SCIMS staff took active participation at the 12th Pacific Inter-Science Congress held at USP Laucala Campus in July. A/Prof Bibhya Sharma’s team presented a series of papers on m-learning and smart classrooms. Dr. MGM Khan and Dr. Rohitash Chandra also presented their work at the conference.

The school features Friday afternoon seminar presentations where academics present their research activity that is followed by discussions. Postgraduate students also take part in this event.

South Pacific Computer Society (SPACS) organised a seminar where its founder, Prof. Dharmendra Sharma from University of Canberra gave a seminar on educational technologies and online teaching and learning. SPACS also organised a countrywide programming quiz hosted by SCIMS for secondary schools. A total of 76 schools participated all over the region. The coverage of the quiz is based on major topics from the Computer Studies curriculum used in secondary schools, and includes questions on ICT general knowledge and current affairs.

Software Foundation Fiji with SCIMS organised Linux for Beginners Workshop in May and Linux Installation festival in July where about 50 students installed Linux Mint Operating system in their laptops. A National Essay Competition in areas of Software and Technology is planned for 2014.

In August, Prof. Ansgar Fehnkar got appointed as Head of School of SCIMS. A/Prof MGM Khan and Dr. Robin Havea were appointed as the Deputy Heads of School.

The school is planning to implement its own cloud computing system to enhanced research and teaching and learning. A software workshop is planned for Semester 1, 2014 where students and staff will demo their research and software projects to the community.

The school is preparing to get its programmes fully accredited through the Australian Computer Society. Bachelor of Software Engineering (BSE) and Bachelor of Net-Centric Computing (BNC) got provisionally accredited by Australian Computer Society in 2012.

The Strategic Research Theme ICT and Knowledge Economy will invite USP researchers to provide topics for students to work on a research related topic for the 10 weeks of summer. It gives USP researchers the opportunity to work with our most talented students to further their research. SCIMS students will have the opportunity to get a chance to get first-hand experience at doing research. This first edition of the summer research is limited to 12 projects.


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