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Priya Darshani Wins Joint Information Systems Gold Medal

Priya Darshani from Suva won the gold medal in Information Systems. We sat down for an interview.

Please tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what were the factors that led you to study Information Systems at USP?
Hello, I am Priya and am from Suva. I recently completed a BCom degree whilst double majoring in Information Systems and Accounting. I perused Information Systems as a major since I enjoyed doing computing in High School and it became quite a popular choice since we do presently reside in the information age. Thus, I felt a need to have knowledge of it.

What is the criteria with which you got the Gold Medal and who or what was you main motivation?
First of all, the overall GPA had to be above 4.0. Then, one has to be the most outstanding student in that category, that is, the best grades from the batch.
I have always aimed high and given my best to anything that I undertake. Therefore, it came quite naturally to me. I was self-motivated since I enjoyed studying the Information Systems units as I found them interesting and always wanted to learn more.

What strategies you had for exam preparation and assignments?
Well for exams, it is essential to understand the concept and not simply cram it. In this way, one will not forget it and can apply it to any question. As for assignments, it never hurts to start early and conduct the research phase well to be able to understand the question fully.

What challenges you had during your studies?
It was a challenge to try to give equal attention and effort to the multiple units that I was doing at that time. However, if one is motivated enough and plans out their time then this is not a challenge that cannot be overcome.

What was the response for you family and community after receiving this award?
They were ecstatic and very proud of me as it was a lifetime achievement and thus they were right to feel so. I was also proud to have given them something to be so proud of. Also, I felt that I had given them something in return for all the support and finance that they had put into my education.

What message you have for other students who are about to graduate?
My message to anyone would be that you should love to learn. In this way, you will enjoy the learning process and will always want to know more. It will no longer be a task as you will be motivated from within. Hence, it becomes much easier this way.

Do you have plans for postgraduate study and research?
I do plan to undertake postgrad studies in the field after completing some additional units that I am currently doing. I want to further my knowledge and am even aiming to get another medal when I do my postgrad.

What are your career goals?
My ultimate goal would be to have a professional career, excelling in either Information Systems or Accounting. Maybe even experience both at some level.


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