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Norman Bentley Wins Computer Science Gold Medal

Suva native Norman Bentley won this years Computer Science Gold Medal. We asked him a few questions about himself.
Please tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what were the factors that led you to study computer science at USP?
I was born in Suva, Fiji, in 1991 and have been brought up here since.  I attended Yat Sen Primary and Secondary.  It was perhaps when I was first introduced to programming in Secondary School that I developed an interest in the field.

What is the criteria with which you got the Gold Medal?
High GPA in Computing Science

What motivated you to work towards the Gold Medal?
I never had expectations of receiving a gold medal.  I just worked hard to simply pass the courses with good grades.

What strategies you had for exam preparation and assignments?
When due dates were near, I just used to prioritize all my activities (sports, social life, text book chapters etc.) and assign times for each just so I didn’t feel overwhelmed.  And really late nights studying for tests and completing assignments.

What challenges you had during your studies?
The topics itself were quite challenging.  Even though we had the full support of the teaching staff, CS and IS were courses where alot of personal research needed to be carried out because of the rapidly developing nature of the digital world.

What was the response for you family and community after receiving this award?
They were very proud and grateful.  All any of us expected was for me to graduate.  Therefore, it was huge shock and privilege to also receive a  gold medal.

What message you have for other students who are about to graduate?
Study hard and enjoy your time here.  Your achievements at USP will be your foundation for the real world.

Do you have plans for postgraduate study and research?
Perhaps as I am looking to progress further in my field of study.  I’ll probably resume after a bit of work experience in the field.

What are your career goals?
At the moment, I managed to get a job in my field of study and I enjoy what I am doing.  That is enough for the time being.

Any other comments?
I would like to dedicate my achievements to my mother, sister and grandmother.  These three generations of women have always supported me and I would not be where I am now without them.


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