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PostGraduate Gold Medal Winner

Masters student Harsh Saini recently won the Gold Medal for Post Graduate Diploma (Computer Science).  Here is what he had to say about his accomplishments.

Please tell us about yourself. Where are you from and what were the factors that led you to study Computer Science at USP?
I am from the West, Lautoka to be exact. I am currently doing MSc in Computing Science. I have always been interested in technology. Access to computers from an early age has certainly encouraged me to explore many tools in computing even before I contemplated of ever studying computer science. After a fair bit of soul searching, I decided that computing was the field for me.

What is the criteria with which you got the Gold Medal?
Best overall grade in Postgraduate Diploma in the university.

What motivated you to work towards the Gold Medal?
I never aimed for a Gold Medal. I only aim to give my best, may it be an assignment, test, project or research. I critically self-assess myself continually and the expectations I have for myself keep me motivated/driven to accomplish the tasks at hand to the best of my ability.

What strategies you had for exam preparation and assignments?
I do not have a specific strategy for exam preparation and/or assignments. Although there is a thumb rule that I try to follow, which is not leaving things for the last minute.

What challenges you had during your studies?
I am sure that I would have faced many challenges, most of them being technical in nature. In retrospect, it is hard to remember anything specific now.

What was the response for you family and community after receiving this award?
My family and friends have always been supportive towards my pursuit of educating myself and my academic achievements thus far have further raised the bar of expectations they have from me. After my current awards – the expectations are expectedly for me to pursue my doctorate in due course of time.

What message you have for other students who are about to graduate?
Congratulations for completing you studies and to prepare themselves for the challenges that life will throw at them.

Do you have plans for postgraduate study and research?
I am doing MSc and may continue on to PhD.



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